Interactive Lean Training Plus Kanban Video

We want to make our readers aware of a unique lean learning opportunity, our 3-day blended-learning lean manufacturing certification program.  This Lean Manufacturing certification program will equip participants with targeted technical and facilitation/team leadership competencies in lean manufacturing and kaizen.  The program includes 3 days of interactive, instructor-led training plus self-paced online training as well.  Participants will learn how to apply each of the principles and tools of lean including Value Stream Mapping, Continuous Flow Manufacturing Cells, Lean Production Control, Level Pull Production, kanban and pull systems, 5S, quick changeover, TPM, problem solving methods, and kaizen events. Certification requires the completion of a lean manufacturing project to reinforce the learning and achieve real results.  This program will take place at the Hilton San Diego Airport/Harbor Island in San Diego, CA on July 17-19, 2012.  For more information on this program, please visit: Lean Certification Training.  For those of you that prefer a fully instructor-led Lean Manufacturing Certification program, we continue to offer this option as well in Southern California.

If you are a follower of this blog or a subscriber to our lean newsletter, you know that we like to use animated videos (cartoons) in addition to articles to help explain lean and continuous improvement concepts.   Since pull systems is one of the topics we cover in detail in our certification programs, we thought it might be useful (for those that are unfamiliar with these concepts) to view one of our most popular animated videos on the subject.  Enjoy!


Lean Healthcare

We often say that Lean Manufacturing is about providing a defect free product or service to the customer when it is needed and in the right quantity.  This is a useful way of understanding the thinking behind lean manufacturing.  Is lean healthcare different?  I would argue that it is not as different as many in that industry might think.  We might define lean healthcare as providing the right service error-free to the patient when it is needed.  In healthcare, there is an understandable skepticism towards lean, since it originated in manufacturing.  However, once we understand what lean is really all about- providing a better service to the customer- lean healthcare makes a lot more sense.  In the following, somewhat humorous video, a doctor and patient talk about lean healthcare.  If you have an interest in lean healthcare, you might consider our lean healthcare online course or our September 27-28 Lean Healthcare training course in Southern California.

Lean Healthcare: The Doctor Visit Video

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